Fulton Burner

For customers who only want the best in the field of oil and gas burners, ITT Controls delivers  products and components Fulton Burners. Fulton stands for premium quality, reliability and durability. All Fulton products are approved in accordance with international standards for power plants, oil and gas, boilers and furnaces and other industrial applications.

Fulton has various types on the market. Some model numbers Fulton burners include: GE 151, GE 155, GE 255, GE 352, 352 GI, 353 GE, 353 GI, GI 355, GI 355, 441-2, 441-3, 443, 541, 542.
Years of experience with mixing of combustion air and fuel have led to a combustion head Fulton developed that guarantees a pure and stable combustion. This will give high performance, low emissions and maximum savings. ITT Controls can help you to make the right choice burner. In addition, ITT Controls also supllies parts of Fulton burners.

Fulton Oil Burners

    Fulton Stand OSCR Condens 10,9 - 30 kW
    Fulton PURN 150 (F) Condens
    Fulton CURN 150 (F) Condens
    Fulton PU 260 Condens
    Fulton Stand- PUR 350 Condens 58-291kW

Fulton burners are in the range of 16 kW to 1050 kW. Fulton burners lit with a Optimaz label and have a DUO PRESS fan system with or without a SILENCER. They also have self-closing air valves and an electronic ignition transformer. The combustion efficiency can be as high as 94% for some boilers in this series is exceptional.
Condensing floor boiler series GSR, heater series GSR 140, boilers blown burners, ELIOS Oil Burners 16-70 kW, Oil Burners 80 to 356kW, Oil Burners 185 kW to 1050 kW, Elios gas burner 16-79 kW, Oil Boiler with burner unit, Oil Boiler with boiler and burner, Condensing oil boiler with burner, boiler OBL, Accumulation Boilers (Portrait), Solar, Solar Kits.

Fulton Gas Burners

    Fulton Optimat GMR 1000 Condens
    Fulton Optimat GMR 2000 Condens
    Fulton Wand - GMR 3000 Condens von 3 - 35 kW
    Fulton GMR 5000 Condens
    Fulton Stand - GSCR Condens 3,4 - 35,9 kW
    Fulton GSR 140 Condens 35 - 115 kW
    Fulton Optimat GSR 230 Condens
    Fulton GSR 330 Condens 56-1294 kW

If you want more information about Fulton Burners please contact the sales department at info@ittcontrols.com

Penn Controls

Penn Controls, now part of Johnson Controls, designs and manufactures more than 125 years for buildings, appliances, automotive and energy solutions. Also in the petrochemical and process industries Penn Controls is a well known brand and is supplied by ITT Controls.

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Technoplant is a brand that is specialized in developing, manufacturing and distribution of electric actuators for air dampers and valve technology for stoves, ventilation and air conditioning since 1975.

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ITT Controls also supplies products and components of Moduteck. In the petrochemical and process industries, these products are often used. ITT Controls supplies the right product for your application.

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